Helping those in our community who
are battling cancer.

As of  4/10/14 The Hope Chapter has helped 16 patients and their families who are going through cancer treatments and or surgeries. We have given out $21,940.20 toward grocery bills, light bills, gas, medical bills and other donations to help these families in need. We are so happy to have helped these families in some way while going through a very difficult time in their lives. We currently have our lovely friend Aimee Griggs and two small children Easton Underwood and Austin Bales who are all bravely fighting cancer and winning!! Please join us in praying for them as well as all who are battling this horrible disease, that The Lord will touch and heal, in Jesus precious name. Amen

We are excited to announce our first referral!!

Ms. Brenda Wooten

Ms. Wooten was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after having a hysterectomy in June 2006.  In June 2011, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Granulosa Cell  Cancer.  She started chemotherapy in September and took her last treatment in January 2012.  Ms. Wooten went back for her follow up CT Scan and was devastated by the news. The cancer was back.  She is scheduled for surgery in July to have the tumors and her spleen removed.  Please keep her in your prayers!!!

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